Humans didn’t get to California 130,000 years ago. But if they did…

The site was excavated in 1992. Which means these guys could have been listening to ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ the entire time they were finding all this stuff. source
Figure 2 from the article. The authors would disagree with almost everything that’s written here. source
[corrected] Ice Age Map of North America. source
Sgt. Pepper’s is way to mainstream. Revolution 9 is where it’s at. source
H. naledi skull. source
Hobbit (left) with a human skull for comparison. source
The Eemian (130,000–115,000 BP) was a warm period a lot like ours (10,000 BP — foreseeable future, right?)
Cheetah. source
Pronghorn. source
Bison. source



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Lee Drake

Lee Drake


Μη κατατριψης το υπολειπομενον του βιου μερος εν ταις περι ετερων φαντασιαις... ορθον ουν ειναι χρη, ουχι ορθουμενον - Marcus Aurelius