The Village of Oświęcim

They shouldn’t have broken the law

via John Moore/Getty Images

They are not citizens


The holding conditions are not inhumane


Today, you and I both find ourselves in the village of Oświęcim. It is as it was yesterday except for one thing — strange buildings are being built on the other side of the road. We don’t know yet what their final form will be, or what the train tracks leading up to them will bring.

What You Can Do Right Now

First, call your elected representatives. You can do so easily using the Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224–3121



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Lee Drake

Lee Drake


Μη κατατριψης το υπολειπομενον του βιου μερος εν ταις περι ετερων φαντασιαις... ορθον ουν ειναι χρη, ουχι ορθουμενον - Marcus Aurelius